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Book about a shipwrecked girl


New Member
Can anyone help me to track down the name of a book that I loved in my teens, but lent to a friend years ago, and now can't remember what it was called.
My memory is not fantastic, but here is what I can remember - it's a bit disjointed and random:

The story centres around a fat girl, whose parents (particularly Mum) are highly critical of her eating, and she eats basically to punish them.
Her parents yacht explodes at sea after a problem with a fuel switchover between engines, and she survives, and rescues two of the crew members. She ends up on an island inhabited by birds, whose eggs she has to eat to survive. There are 'baddies', who come to kill the birds, and there is a walrus or something similar in a cave. Eventually she gets back to land (although I can't now remember how), and discovers that she has lost a lot of weight while she was on the island.

In addition, I think I remember the front cover having a picture of a hand reaching out of a blue sea.

Ring any bells with anyone?



New Member
The Island Keeper by Harry Mazer ?

No, I've just read the summary of that and it's that the girl goes to live with her dad in Canada. In this book we'e searching for the parents are killed in a yacht accident out at sea. The girl gets washed up on an island. The weather is hot as she gets sunburn, she survives on bird eggs and some men arrive one day, eventually I think they catch her! I can't remember what else.