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Book about character who gets married young

Daniel L Newhouse

New Member
So there's this guy, and there's this chick who wants to marry him, and she decided the best way is to get pregnant. So she invites him over and has an egg in her cleavage, and she tells him its there to incubate the egg. What she's really doing is playing a game of tease me, please me. So she takes him to her bedroom and gets pregnant. They marry.

Then for some reason they divorce. He marries this other girl who's like the love of his life from when he was 5 or something. And she's frigid. So his old wife invites him over. Rather than have him leave for the opportunity of his old wife, his new wife starts putting out.

They have kids. They are poor. Their kids decide to commit suicide. They get a divorce. One of the kids who decides to commite suicide is named "Father Time."

Does anyone know the name of this book?
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