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book exchange


New Member
Hi all,
How about meeting up somewhere to exchange books instead of selling them
or throwing in the garbage?
I buy mostly at Strand($1-$5). Some new, some used. Got 10 to give away. Not interested in eBaying them, or getting 0.25c from Strand.
I am in NYC. If anyone is interested, reply or email me.


New Member
I'll saddle the camel,load the mules,then scraped the barnacle's off the boat,see you in 6 or 7 month depending on the wind and the mules enthusiam.


Administrator and Stuntman
Staff member
I had a pile of books I didn't want anymore. I just packed them into boxes and sent them off to fellow members.

Blurricus: your box will be sent out soon.


New Member
Ah, yes, the death of the book (again)

Kindles, E-Books - all going to replace the book? I wonder what people in 300 years time will make of the kindle? I can imagine the conversation:

A "What is this strange looking piece of old tech?"

B "Beats me.....it has a screen but I can only imagine what sort of primitive power source would be needed to get it up and running"

A "Must have been some form of ceremonial or religious device" (for those who watch "Time Team", A is the new Tony Robinson ;) )

Real books = don't require batteries, are warm to the touch, smell nice (sometimes), will have provenance in the future (via owner's inscriptions, etc), and won't die if dropped on the floor.

No comparison.

Kindle - will no doubt appeal to those who just can't resist the next gadget but give me a real book any day. The next hibrid? - look out for the BlueKindleBerryTooth - you can send e-mails whilst reading a book and buying shares on the phone and you can share it all with your car stereo (until you die because you're fiddling with it whilst driving). :D


New Member
One of my friends bought an e-book reader. I wish I could remember the name of it. It's the size of a clipboard and ingenius.


Administrator and Stuntman
Staff member
and you give them away for free? Have you a list of them?

I'd like to help you out but I live in the U.S. and you're in Italy. Shipping charges would be prohibitive. That's why I only do it in the U.S. Sorry. :(