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Book Search Resources


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I have compiled a list of sites to help in your search for a long-lost book. Included are online book sellers, book search engines, and databases; these are useful when a standard online search engine yields no results.

Most of the seller sites are searchable by author, title, ISBN, and keyword. Some have options for language, year of publication, publisher, etc.
If the title search yields no results, try search by keyword. The results may display a plot summary (or even state the color of the covers if that's all that you can remember) which may save you the trouble of clicking on each separate result.


Tips for posting a search in this forum:

Please post in the Book Search & Suggestions thread (instead of the Bookshelves section of this forum) no matter what genre or type – fiction, non-fiction, children's, etc., this will help us to locate your post

Include something about a character or plot in the thread title, for example, "Dog and cat form rock band" or "Sibling rivalry during Civil War" instead of "anyone know this book" or "looking for a novel I read years ago".

If you use a site not listed here please tell us about it.







Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America





Google books

AbeBooks BookSleuth
BookSleuth is a forum where book lovers can help each other find books.

Search by choosing a genre and then pick an option: Plot & Themes, Main Character, Setting, Writing Style

Over 8.3 million pages of literature summaries, biographies, literary criticism, essays, encyclopedias, and eBooks sourced from over 100 respected education databases.

Finding Novels: Lost Titles, Forgotten Rhymes
List of books search resources posted by The Library of Congress

Goodreads - What's The name of That Book???

A database of books providing on-line and remote research tools.

Loganberry Books Stump the Bookseller
A service to help identify the author and title of long lost childhood literary memories.

The European Library
Search the content of European national libraries.

Multi-language book search.

Find your long-lost book and help others find theirs.

What was that Book?
A LiveJournal social network dedicated to helping readers find forgotten books, poems, short stories and plays.

The world's largest library catalog

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