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Books Recommended to Young Girls

Masha Lapitan

New Member
College life is full of excitement and a time top learns a lot many things from a totally different angle. It is also the time when usually students experience freedom and they are officially allowed to take decisions of their own.

For a girl, college era is like a complete dosage of emotional, social and cultural learning. In many societies’ girls from birth till death remains under influence of a man in terms of the father, brother, boyfriend, husband etc. or simply saying that somehow the whole world is a male dominant region.

So whatever the situation is there are some lessons that a girl must understand in life before she faces direct exposure to the world. This is not because I want to say that she is weak or not abject but because they face more society pressure in case of any issue. Here I am mentioning the books that are also recommended by assignment service UK, every young girl should read in her college life.

• My Misspent Youth

Book is written by Meghan Daum

This book contains a collection of essays that are related to American philosophy and culture according to which many time youths face high-level disapproval in the society. This book is to lift up the term MYSELF in lives. The book comprises of cynicism as self-ridicule to make human realize the worth of selfness in its importance in every good or worst situation.

• The Communist Manifesto

Book authors are Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Gareth Stedman Jones

As clear from the name this book is about politics, administration, sectarianism, judiciary and government systems. The book highlights radical conditions due to politics, especially in Russia, China, Cuba and Eastern Europe that are distressing the lives. It also explains a perceptive interpretation of Communism, in which writers have stated foretelling a society.
It climaxes a dream of human’s societies living without classes, private property, possessions or a state. It has a postulate that manipulation of industrialized workers will lead to the revolt in which Capitalism is overthrown.

• Rights of Man

The writer is Thomas Paine

This book is written in favor of democracy. As we know that most of the world politics is ruled by democratic states that's why I consider it as a knowledgeable material in terms of echoing of societal security of workforces, and public employment. It’s also about incomes and a regulation for this account; defilement of laws by cutting down in monthly pays, paying less because of gender and many other social alterations.

• The Elements of Style

William Strunk Jr. Strunk White and E. B. White

It includes of eight straightforward rules of usage and ten fundamental principles of composition. It also has a list of fifty-seven words which are frequently misspelled in the linguistic. A few matters of form, a list of forty-nine words and expressions commonly misused.

• Bad Feminist

Essayist is Roxane Gay

The book is written funny and hunky-dory way and it covers essays giving a sight that in what ways the culture we consume administrates our lifespan. A thoughtful vision of arbitrating a human by their body, gender and natural looks in a society. Simply saying it presents a custom of this world that “what is seen is been sold”

These five mentioned books are very worthy to read as being girls, these books will also help girls to eradicate the myth that girls are usually unaware of the politics and conducts of societies.