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Brent Weeks: The Night Angel Trilogy

Fantasy Moon

I keep wondering to myself why I am reading this trilogy. I think I must just be a glutton for punishment. I'm just over half complete with the final book, but I have little hope of it showing improvement in the next 300 pages.

The plot itself could be good if there weren't so many strands going everywhere at once. I have to keep thinking to myself, who are you and why should I care when it shifts away from *cough*Mary Sue*cough* Kylar or one of the other main characters. The events you want to read about are hinted at, but never explained in great detail. I would have liked more prose dedicated to the rebellion of Momma K's prostitutes when they all murdered the invading soldiers that had ravished their city and their women. And all we get is a small fragment of a flashback.

It strikes me as more aimed at a male audience with all the violence and action. What attempts made at romance are included are weak at best. Although I think the backstory mentioned about the relationship between Momma K and Durzo should have been the focus of these books. I don't much care for the writing style, but I think I've just been spoiled on fancy prose by other authors. ;)

Has anyone else read these books? What were your thoughts?