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Can't find this in any store or app


New Member
I read a book about 2 years ago but can't find an ebook or print copy of it anywhere. (I read a copy donated to my local library - someone else checked it out and lost it later on).

Book: Nomad
Author: Hening Nugroho
Year: 2015

I checked several places including Booktango (the supposed publisher) but no results. The only reference to the book that could prove I am not completely nuts is an entry in google books search that comes up with zero results for sellers or libraries but describes the book I read.


Administrator and Stuntman
Staff member
Is Booktango a vanity publisher? If so, maybe there were only a few printed as a "test" and you got lucky and got one of those.

Booktango stopped epublishing in 2016 so that would explain why you can't fine electronic versions of it.

You might look at contacting the author and seeing how he can help you. This should be him: https://twitter.com/baladewahening