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Changing my perspective on Stephen King


Well-Known Member
My most recent King was It, and the one thing i kept thinking as I was reading it was what a monumental amount of effort it was to construct and build this book, if that makes any sense. I didn't think of this book as one that a writer wrote, but rather having its component parts built independently, then stitched together and made whole by welding the pieces together into a coherent whole. But of course that is how books are written, you say. But somehow this book had a workmanship-like quality to it. I didn't feel this way of other works that were huge.

It's a highly entertaining book, don't get me wrong. I liked it very much.

Annette Austin

New Member
In answer to the original post, Stephen King's On Writing is a great read and I really enjoyed Misery. A rare time where the book is better than the film and the film is superb. Personally, I really enjoy Graham Masterton. Sometimes, he doesn't always get it right, but when he does his books are brilliant - The Hymn, The Scarlet Widow, The Devil In Grey etc. I made the mistake of reading The Sleepless before I went to bed. I'll never view cats in the same way again. :)