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Christmas I don't believe

Its late About 5:30pm and everyone is getting ready for Christmas EVE. There’s me,Alison and Rachel who don’t believe in Father Christmas you know, the REAL Santa ,Also known as St. Nicholas. So Like I was saying they don’t believe in true joy and happiness this year. Sure they want stuff but they don’t believe in having joy and a bit of fun.

CHAPTER 2 A day before Christmas eve

Day 2 and I have just been doing the tree and Alison and Rachel are watching the soaps highlights that are on only for 2days at Christmas.TO make the most of it I do my cheesecake and my truffle for the big man (Santa)

CHAPTER 3 Twelve O clock

Its 12:00am and I put everything out for Santa ,cookies & cream some rice crispies and cornflakes from the add on tv where Santa eats the cornflakes.The lights turn on from the tree and I hang up the stocking socks and close the door. I run upstairs and shut the door ready for tomorrow.

CHAPTER 4 I don’t believe in Christmas

Donno what time it was but I heard bells ringing and BANG BANG BANG.. “What was that?!” I hold my teddy close to me hoping it wasn’t the grim reaper (If you believe in horror masks that are only believe in when its Halloween) The bells shake and I hear a door swing open. I decide to check it out that its not the girls ruining it for everyone.I walk downstairs slowly and see Rachel standing there and she said “What are going to do give me some coal? And then I heard a loud “cough cough” in an inappropriate manner. “Well than I shall take the toy pony you asked for and I will give you coal for behaving in such a way Do you not believe in my elfs?that come every year?” He stood up and was so tall that he looked right down and then said “ I will take away all these presents”

What will I put in next?