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Clive Cussler


Well-Known Member
I wonder if he'll really be able to stop writing? It sounds like he's burnt out now, but after a break he might start again - most writers have a compulsion to write.

I wish he would try a full-blown historical fiction novel. To be honest, that's the part of his books I like the best.


New Member
I figure he should just go all out and combine all his dirk pitt books into one mammoth adventure that really tests dirk pitt for once :)


Ell's right. I don't think writers really retire. I think they just get tired of typing. No telling what he'll put together in his mind while he's retired--if you're lucky he'll write it out and it will see the light of day posthumously. Maybe his publisher will pester him enough that he'll cough it up before then. Who knows?