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Colleen Shannon

Fantasy Moon

I've just started reading her novels after noticing her latest release called Catspell on the shelf at the store. Sadly I didn't have enough money on me for it at that time, but I've been reading her other works until I can get my hands on it. So far it would seem that historical romances are her forte. Anyone else familiar with her works?

Last night I finished reading The Hawk's Lady. I liked it even though it sometimes seemed like there was too much drama packed into 400 pages. ;) Sometimes I found myself wishing that I could be a pirate's slave though, hehe! Tory's breasts must have been something though because the men couldn't stop staring at them. Makes me wonder why she just wouldn't wear something with a more conservative neckline if it bothered her so much.

Today I began reading The Trelayne Inheritance. Young girls have been found dead, drained of blood with two little puncture wounds on their throats. Vampires could be interesting. It's been awhile since I've read a good vampire romance.