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Covid-19 Vaccine


Active Member
Have you gotten vaccinated ?? Did you have a reaction ?? How are you feeling now ??
I had a reaction after the first Pfizer shot, actually, 5 hours after this first shot, I had a sore arm....it was an intense muscle pain . Reminded me this pain of an old brachialis tendonitis injury, so the next day I had to take medication 'cause I couldn't neither raise my arm without cried out « Ouch !! »
While my improvement in the deltoid was going very well, my surprise arrived 3 days after when I realized I had a swollen lymph nodes . For my peace of mind, this swollen lasted for less than one week . As it seems, this kind of reaction ( a bit rare ) is a sign that the immune system is getting to work . On july, I will get my second Pfizer shot...


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I've gotten my second Pfizer shot and the only reaction I had, was an arm pain and I felt a little tired .
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