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December 2012 eReader Recommendations


My wife wants to get me an eReader. I don't want her to spend the money. She's going to get one anyway. I know this after 25 years of marriage. So I might as well tell her which one to get.

I will use this reader indoors. I will use this reader outdoors. I will use it on my boat. I will use it when I hike. It will travel in a suitcase, softsided. It will travel in a backpack with water bottles, fishing lures, sandwiches, shoes, etc.

My eyes are getting bad, reading is becoming a challenge even with glasses which I won't always have with me.

I'm as likely to read a free classic as I am a contemporary work or a travel guide. If maps are an option on an eReader I will probably read those,too.

And so on.
You didn't mention your budget so I will say to get a Kindle Paperwhite and a cover for it.

If you want color, then get a tablet. If most of your travel is within the U.S., get a Kindle Fire HD. If you travel is outside the U.S. a fair bit, then get the Nexus 7 (or 10) and put the Kindle app on it.
Bryan, I have the cheapest kindle, with the (inobtrusive) adverts. Love it. All the rest of the doo-dads are unnecessary. Color? pfft, don't need it to read. The font is adjustable for the old eyes too.

Have fun with it. :)
I was going to suggest getting a normal Kindle until you mentioned that maps might be a good idea. If you get a Kindle Fire you can download apps of maps - we used them when we went to Vienna and it was really useful. Saying that the battery on the Fire is poor (around 11 hours) whilst the battery on the Kindle Keyboard (and I assume other models of Kindle) is amazing - my Keyboard lasts for around 3 months on one charge.

Whichever you decide to buy, make sure you get a case for it too - whilst they are covered under warranty you will feel lost without it if it breaks (even though you may not want one right now).

I should also add that I have a Kindle Fire (a British one) and whilst Amazon do state that it doesn't work abroad mine did. I could download books, apps and browse the net when I went to Austria on holiday...