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Do you take time to leave a review?


When you purchase a book online, be it ebook or otherwise, do you take the time to go back and leave a review? I saw this cute pic the other day and it really made me giggle because it's true!

Reviews do matter, even the bad ones. If you have read it, take 5 mins and support the author by leaving him or her your feedback.


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I know it seems to matter in some respects.. and in others, ranking seems to have more influence on buyers. Lol I guess I'm just trying to figure out what the driving force is behind Amazon sales. The book can stand for itself, if it gets noticed.

Gita V.Reddy

Active Member
I do if I like the book.
Reviews certainly matter. They act as pointers, and if the book is by a new writer, most readers would prefer to go by what others are saying.
I try to leave feedback in review form as often as possible. Usually I do it more often when I like something very much (4 or 5 stars out of 5 possible), but I've done it at other times as well. It's nice for the authors, vendors, etc. to see what people think of their book, product, etc., and it's nice for other readers to understand the pros and cons of buying the item they are looking for when shopping.