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Ehat E-Book reader?


New Member
What eBooks reader?

I’m considering obtaining an E-Book reader and I started by thinking that an eBook reader offering a reading page approximately half an A 4 page might suit me but then I discovered there were much larger E-readers available. I do not need an eBooks reader to use sitting on a Beach or anywhere in the open. My intention is to use it either at home where I'm able to recharge it or inside a Motor Caravan where I can re-charge it using the cigar lighter plug.

I already have a number of E-Books from Kindle and some from Kobo which I read on my computer. I started my search noting that there appeared to be an industry agreement of 6” although Kobo had an 8” reader but that changed as I looked further.

The primary use of E-Books for me is as a study use helping me cope with dyslexia. My form of dyslexia is that when I find a paragraph I want to use by the time I’ve read it and moved onto starting to type my comments I’ve forgotten what it was I wanted to say. I’m not going Ga, Ga it’s a dyslexia effect. I need to be able to copy a paragraph and paste it to the page I’m using for notes. I know that I can use a computer to do that and hope that I'm able to use an E-Book reader as well.

I have a number of Kindle and Kobo books on my computer and note that there are Kindle Readers and Kobo Readers. The thought crossed my mind that I might even be better off using a Tablet as an E-Book reader that is if a Tablet is a feasible option. Then on the Internet I saw the Onyx Boox Max Lumi 4GB/64GB 13.3" HD Fingerprint E-ink E-book Reader – Black on the Internet which looked great but it’s £628.99.
Bearing in mind my near total lack off understanding E-Book technology I’ve gone as far as I’m able to in my hunt the E-Book reader at the moment and I’ve reached the stage of asking for advice as to what looks like the best bet for me.