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Fascinating scientific stuff

I'm going to reopen this thread :D Scientists Revive Tiny Worms Which Have Been Frozen For 42,000 Years


A group of scientists have successfully revived two species of worms they discovered suspended in an icy chunk of Siberian permafrost . The worms, known as nematodes had been frozen for up to 42,000 years, since a time when much of the planet was covered in ice – the Pleistocene age. The Russian scientists, who made the discovery, have confirmed the creatures are moving and eating again after being ‘dead’ for thousands and thousands of years ( ... ) Until now, the longest nematodes to have been dormant then revived, was 39 years, according to Science Alert .
I hope the awakening of our regular members will be a rather more quick !! I am crossing my fingers
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At least now, they know this thread has revived :D By the way, do you remember how long a tardigrades ( water bears ) live ??
It seems, they live approximately 1 year....I thought they were more long-lived organisms
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Partly could be for this reason... But long ago, I was reading about Microbial Ecology, concretely, about the Extremophiles and looking over this book again I found that some species of Tardigrades in dry enviroments can slow down their metabolism , to do this, they dehydraty themselves, fixing besides the damage in their DNA.... reason which leads to live more years . It seems like under laboratory conditions they live between 5 and 8 years .
The IRISIN hormone released during exercise might protect against Alzheimer’s
( Irisin is produced within the muscles during intense exercise and physical activity)


Researchers at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), established a link between levels of irisin, a hormone produced by the body during exercise, and the development of the progressive disease . The tests, carried out on rats with Alzheimer's, showed low levels of irisin in the brains of Alzheimer's sufferers, and a reversal in memory loss when irisin levels were boosted through physical exercise . The study showed that "the levels of this hormone are in fact decreased in the brains of patients with Alzheimer's . In addition, the team showed that by boosting the levels of the hormone, "memory improves" .
By showing that " irisin is an important mediator of the beneficial effects of exercise," the findings indicate the hormone can be " a novel agent capable of opposing Synapse failure and memory impairment", said the study published in the journal Nature Medicine .
The research also reinforces the importance of physical activity in preventing memory loss and brain diseases
Yes or as alternative I suggest you the suspension training (( TRX system )) and the most important, Keep Hydrated with Osteocalcin´s << herbal tea >>
---- Eric Kandel will explain you better the role of the Osteocalcin and the RbAp48 protein .


In recent years, Researchers have tried to capture the electrical current that bacteria generate through their own metabolism . So far, however, the transfer of the current from the bacteria to a receiving electrode has not been efficient at all . Now, researchers have achieved a slightly more efficient transfer of electrical current. (...) « We pick up electrons from the bacterium and transfer them to an electrode. This enables us to obtain an electrical current from the bacteria in real time, while they are eating, as it were », explains Lo Gorton, professor of chemistry at Lund University in Sweden
The difficulty when extracting the energy is to produce a molecule that can get through the bacterium’s thick cell wall to retrieve the electrons there more efficiently . In the current study, the researchers created an artificial molecule for this purpose, known as a redox polymer
Isaac Arthur. Get a drink and a snack.
I was just wondering who was this guy, so I was surfing and I found some forums about him...in fact, he has his own forum » Science and Futurism - Few replies in Night Sky & Megastructures...This isn't my field, but that about the Dyson sphere/swarm was interesting !! Sneezy, welcome back :)
Well thank you. Very kind. You may blame Sparkchaser for my redarkening of your door. Please do send him all sorts of hatemail regarding this. :)

I have a bit of a mancrush on Arthur, 'tis true. He also has a Youtube channel that is now relatively well produced (much better than it was a couple of years ago but still fairly repetitive graphics wise) where he explains his views in his characteristic manner. I do not think him a genius, but he is just so damned cute and dry...

So, personalities aside, do we prefer the Bezos or the Musk plan to get us off this glorious rock? More broadly, I'd be curious about opinions regarding what I consider the second great age of Robberbaron Philanthropy.
If there's any kind of cosmic justice, we won't make it off this rock until we get our act together as a species.
I tend to agree. The optimist in me hopes for better, but experience makes that hope seem naive.