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Feedback on new Book Trailer


I'm going to put this under the Shameless Self-Promotion thread even though I am actually wanting to hear some reader feedback on the use of book trailers. I recently made one for B.E. Wilson and would like some constructive criticism from the readers here.

Do book trailers catch your eye when you are shopping online for books?
Do you search for them or only watch if you stumble on one?

Feel free to be brutal or kind.. just be honest.. is this one captivating or enticing?



Staff member
It's good but I have one complaint. On the frames with the longer narration it's fades out before I was able to read the whole thing.


Thanks for the feedback! I can fix the duration of the narration screens easily.

And Logan.. I can't think of any "reason" other than marketing and branding. I've seen others have them so I figured I'd attempt to make one for B.E. Lol it didn't cost anything but time to create and I had fun making it.