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    May 16, 2018
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    When you look at him, Kris Provacs seems like a model citizen. He is a successful entrepreneur and he owns a range of companies in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Rome and Vienna. He is also devoted to several charities helping disenfranchised minorities. Behind this ideal fa├žade, a very dangerous neo Nazi terrorist hides beyond this apparent normality. He uses all his brilliant skills in IT and electronics to invent new machines which can cause the maximum damage. His quiet demeanour puts him under the radar of the authorities but in reality he is the leader of the valence revolutionary organization for Europe. Their goal is to destroy and destabilize the multiracial and multi-ethnic societies of the continent. Only the alliance of numerous secret agencies and part of the Russian mafia can stop this trail of destruction and horror.


    1. Psychology

    The degree of attraction or aversion that an individual feels toward a specific object or event.

    2. Chemistry

    The combining capacity of an atom or group of atoms as determined by the number of electrons it can lose, add, or share when it reacts with other atoms or groups.

    Invisible to the eye, a magnetic force gathers the dark clouds above the city of London. The loud and vibrating sound of the thunderstorm pierces the sky. You can smell all the odours which come from the pavement before the rain washes them away. Kris Provacs admires the arch of the order . Today is day to celebrate. A new world is born.

    The white race has to fight back to survive. Like the knights during the first crusade, Kris feels that it is duty to protect the integrity of the kingdom of god.

    When he enters in the museum of the order, Kris is overwhelmed by the weight of his mission. Finally, he can fulfil what his father envisions. A new Jerusalem emerges in the western world. The white race must restore the natural order that God want. Everyone should know their position in life. Kris is ready to sacrifice his life to achieve this endeavour. The west must wake up to this truth. A multiracial society is the slow suicide of the white race. Hitler understands that when the purity of the group is compromised things go from bad to worst.

    The Valence revolutionary organization is the final solution to solve this abomination.

    To be continued...

    It's a novel being written soon to be published. Let me know what you think

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