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Gabatrix and the Tales of Heroes Book Series

Hello everyone. My name is CMed. I am the writer of the Gabatrix Series and the Tales of Heroes Book Series. I wanted to let everyone know that I am in the process of marketing my stories. It is both on Amazon Kindle and Google Play. On Amazon each book is worth one dollar each. If you can buy a candy bar with one dollar, then you can buy and check out the books just as easily.


My stories are meant for adults since the stories can consist of things such as violence, blood (Gabatrix for example is a war story series after all). Stories can have sex in it. The links (HTML addresses) are all SFW (Suitable for work). My Patreon still requires you to be 18 or over in order to enter it.

Tales of Heroes is a book that can consist of several stories in one. Magic and history are all interwoven into one story and often utilizes legends and mythology. Tales of Heroes can be set at any time period with Opet and the Tales of Heroes even set during the Gabatrix series. It usually typically involves a human/anthro relationship that can lead to sex or even pregnancy.

Gabatrix is part of the Tales of Heroes universe but focused three hundred years in the future from now. Unlike Tales of Heroes, Gabatrix is intended to be more of a hard science fiction (Or at the very least an in between hard and soft) series, focuses on aspects of space, and can often involve human/anthro (scalie/alien) relationships. Gabatrix does not require you to read Tales of Heroes so the audience is not forced to read both, but....there maybe fun references here and there.

I also have my own Patreon Page that you can help and support me. Things like book covers are all in due thanks to the people that donate to have them made. Patrons have access to the blog pages where they can read the stories as they are being written and have free access to the marketed versions of my stories.


Like anything, comments are always welcome. I am a veteran that served six years in the navy. Needless to say, writing as been fun for me and I want to continue driving in that direction for the benefit of society as a whole. Take care and enjoy my stories.


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