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I am always looking for new people to follow in goodreads. I added those who listed their usernames as friends. I am Travis (Home of Reading) if anyone wants to add me.
Hopefully I typed the name in correctly otherwise I feel foolish. Just curious if anyone has one of these accounts? What is it like? I don't like signing up to a bunch of websites without other people giving a little bit of a review on it first, so let me know what you guys thinking of this site? Good, bad, pointless, pros, cons?
It depends on what you hope to gain from Goodreads. I personally like it because it allows me to sort my purchases my way. I also like seeing the recommendations made from my friends. I've never had a spam mail from Goodreads so that goes in the plus column too. There are tons of reviews on it but I don't put a lot of weight into a review either as a reader or as a writer.

I say go ahead an give it a shot, you don't have anything to lose and no negative repercussions from giving it a try.
I use it but really just to keep track of what I have read or want to read. I don't take part in the discussions or reviews really. I find it is a nice way to keep lists but that's all I use it for :)

I know they were purchased by Amazon a bit ago and there was a lot of concern over the effect that would have on the site, so far I have not noticed any changes but then I don't use the site to pick books only to keep track of ones I already know about.
Ronny, I am a talker.. often too much. lol Therefore, I enjoy the discussions on goodreads. There has been some insightful topics that I've read and/or participated.
GoodReads is easy to keep track of what you're reading, what you've read and what you want to read. That's the reason why I use it.
I do still keep a journal of the books I've read but it's nice keeping track through GoodReads as well.
I don't really do review, just ratings. I don't really interact in discussions or groups either.
But feel free to add me :).
Love it. :)

I haven't noticed any cons (aside from if your account gets deleted, they claim there is no way to recover the years of data lost).
Yeah, I like it too and the reviews are mostly okay. I use it always to get some more info on a book I'm about to purchase.
Goodreads is great! It helps me keep track of all of my books and contains great reviews that, of course, can be found elsewhere, such as on this site, Amazon, etc., but the community feeling is really nice on there.

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I like the yearly reading challenges on Goodreads and I like comparing what others think of a book with what I think of it.

I need to go back and add books that I have already read, but it's a daunting task to remember everything you ever read.
Bump :cool:.
I created a Goodreads account years ago but just created a library recently -- books I have read and 'to-read'. 📖