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Happy Birthday direstraits!


New Member
Another birthday! Two of my favourite TBF-ers sharing the same birthday - what are the odds of that? :eek:

Anyway, a big Happy Birthday from me! I hope you have a lovely birthday. :)
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
You look like a monkey,
And you smell like one too!!

Happy Birthday squishy banana!!!!!!!
Happy, happy birthday, ds!

Hope you go out for a nice 10-course banquet with friends and family. :D
Halo said:
Another birthday! Two of my favourite TBF-ers sharing the same birthday - what are the odds of that? ...

I happened to remember that they, ds and RaVen, celebrated their Scopian's day here last year. ;)

Happy birthday, direstraits. :D
A belated Happy Birthday, Donny.

If yours was half as special as mine you're probably in need of a good lawyer and will read this after you make bail.

Best Wishes and more,

Thank you thank you for your birthday wishes! :) I had to work, plus I worked late, so no, not the perfect birthday, but made very pretty close with this thread! :)

Halo - thanks so much, Halo - I'll look to return the favour again next year for your birthday. :)
Wabbit - not drunk, buddy, unfortunately. But not too bad either.
Libra6Poe - thanks! :D
Kookamoor - thanks for the lovely song, though I'm not so sure about the squishy bit. :)
ruby - Thanks! :D
StillILearn - thank you O she-who-changes-her-avatar-often. :)
Ell - Sieh sieh ni. :) Where have you *been*?
technokitty - Nice to meet you. Thanks and stick around!
pwilson - No, didn't get any Kay as a present (I got everything already!), although I did read Kay yesterday. Ahh...
Sell Sword - I loved Sultan of Swing. Lovely guitar work.
Ronny - thanks very much ronny!
Crystal - hey, you've been lurking around, haven't you? Come back!
Ice - thanks. Hope things are cool. Geddit? It's my birthday, I can get away with bad puns today.
cajunmama - [big smile] good to be a banana boy for one day.
RaVeN - gee man, it's damn good to see you back.

Hey hey! Looks like I'm very late here, but the sentiment is still the same...

Happy Birthday!!