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Hell on Wheels, a western AMC original

Lincoln Rhyme

New Member

Set in the 1860s at the beginning of reconstruction, the series follows Cullen Bohannon, a former Confederate soldier, who is determined to exact revenge on the Union soldiers who murdered his wife. His quest for vengeanace sends him westward to Nebraska's "Hell on Wheels," the lawless town that moves with the construction of the transcontinental railroad. However, things get complicated when a Cheyenne tribe attacks the construction of the railroad, determined to destroy the project because it is being built through their lands.

Trailer can found here

I am really looking forward to this, I love westerns and I love AMC.

The story will be probably be very dark, since it will take place in Hell on Wheels(the city that moves with the railroad), and it's rumored that somebody died everyday. Union soldiers as well as Confederate soldiers work on the railroad, so there will probably be some conflict over the Civil War, because the construction of the transcontinental railroad did take place a little after the Civil War was over in 1868.

This sounds really promising :).

Lincoln Rhyme

New Member
Anybody catch this last night? I watched it this morning, and I have to say, I already have high hopes for this show. Thomas Durant is a very cool and collected villain, with all the other character being very compelling as well.

If you didn't watch the Pilot last night, tape for sometime this week on your DVR.


I watched the first two episodes. It's not as strong as I was expecting, but I'm going to stick with it for a while longer.

Lincoln Rhyme

New Member
Fantasy Moon ,if you have Entertainment on demand, you can watch the first 3 episodes there. Or you could go to AMC website and watch them there.

Fantasy Moon

DVR'd the marathon a few weeks ago and added the series as a regular recording. So I just finished watching the third episode a few minutes ago. I must say that I like the show.