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New Member

I'm brand new here, and hope to get to know everyone so we can have a nice natter about books. :flowers:

I will have a go at reading pretty much everything, and once even read some of the dictionary as there was nothing else to hand... :confused:

I have a book blog where I post reviews of books every so often and where I am keeping track of my Agatha Christie Challenge.

I'll post a link if it's OK with the mods. :D

It's nice to meet you all!


New Member
I don't have an option for signature, do I have to have posted a certain number of times before I get that option?

Thanks :)

PS I'm a big Shaun fan :D


New Member
Hi all,

Looking at your cool avatars I'm jealous. especially Sparkchaser's - coooool!!
How do I put mine up?