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  • Thank you for the reference. I just noticed your post...not yet familiar with the workings of this forum...
    I wonder what lessons lay ahead for me today?
    I will stay clear of the apiary today though.
    wow my first BAR friend. actually didn't know this was a feature on the forum.

    Hi Libra
    Can you give me your E-mail, please? Don’t worry it will be with me I will never give to anyone. So send it please...to the privet messge.
    Y'know, I was trying to figure out if there was a connection. LOL I briefly thought Helena Bonham Carter was playing Queen Elizabeth II.
    Have you seen the miniseries Elizabeth I? It aired on HBO a while back; from the same person who directed TKS.
    hi Libra.
    please can you see my new thread at chat section it's about an Irani print.I'm sure that you'll like it:)
    The movie was funnier than I thought it'd be (not a complaint at all). I definitely would watch it again.
    hi librona
    how are you?I miss you and the forum so much^_^

    I have lots of exams thats why i can't log in.

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmm i need your help in English please?If you'r free please tell me.
    Hey, that's just as good! I considered applying for a movie theater job this year, but Borders called so I didn't follow through.
    Hi there I saw you really enjoyed The house on the Strand, I remember that was one of my favourites. As Watermelon was just so-so, does that mean you won't be reading the next one in the series?? :)
    I haven't watched it yet. Since 9 times out of 10 she does something stupid, I can't say I'm surprised ;).
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