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Help me find my new book please!!


New Member
Hello everyone so I recently finished the Rot and Ruin (Benny Imura) series and am lost on what to read next any suggestions that closely match my must haves for the book are welcomed and greatly appreciated!! thanks in advance!

The books I'm interested in would include all of the following (or at least most).

• the book has to be a fantasy in a setting like the dark ages with swords assassins magic and what not
• the lead character should be male around the age of 16 to 25 ish
• there should be some kind of romance around the main character
• the main character has to be either an assassin/ninja type or someone that can handle them self, also they can't start out super weak I don't want a crying little boy that gets better I want someone that's skilled from the start this is a must.

Thank you for the recommendations !!!!


New Member
Oh man, the "must be skilled from the start" criteria really narrows the field (so much of Fantasy is Coming-of-Age)

I would have to go with Riyria Chronicles by Micheal J. Sullivan. The two leads are thieves for hire, and they are both deadly fighters (one a former professional assassin).

The first book is called Theft of Swords.
Starting weak from the begining is ok for games, but it is very badly done in films and literature. You end up thinking the character earnt his successes in an unfair or unbeliveable way. I mean, if he was a weak dude 20 pages ago, when he starts smashings dragons with a hand tied to his back, you feel sort of ripped off with the book.

I am thinking in The Thieve's Guild. I read that book long time ago. I think it fits your demmands. It was ok-eish, but I don't remember it well.

Your criteria is extremely tight. If you are willing to let the age and romance criteria drop, then The Flaming Wrath of Árelor may do the trick for you. No romance, and most lead characters are older than you require. It has a wizzard-assasin serial killer in an empire ruled by a Gestapo-like religious organitation. The lead characters are the investigators -who feel a bit like midleage SWAT at some points- who try to catch the killer, and the killer himself.