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Here's the Story: Marcia Brady's real horror


Active Member
So I just read Here's the Story, which is Maureen M's total exposure of her horror life while being Marcia Brady. It was heart wrenching, to the point of pullin my heart out.

Plus, it was true. Marcia had a messed up time, even though Greg probably hooked up with her in Hawaii. Some of the details were hard to obscure.

Wow. I recommend this book. It's better than the Internet.
This is something I totally would be interested in reading. I read Williams' Growing Up Brady which I found fascinating (although there was nothing heart wrenching).
Are you saying the Brady Bunch wasn't REAL? It wasn't a reality show? Next you'll tell us that only Shirley and Keith Partridge were musical, and that the rest just pretended to sing. Drat, another childhood dream smashed to smithereens. Still, I grew up watching those shows, so I may have to investigate these bios, just so I can divide truth from fiction. But for the record, I never liked Greg Brady anyhow.
Yo, it was real

shanks, the BB was a real family, tho offstage.

I hate to say that I also have FIVE bros and sis and dad's an architect an moms a flighty ho.

I relate.

Plus, I was kidding about understanding Maureen. She was wasted for the whole 70s. Read the book. Oh yeah. I was a whatever too. Maureen is a nice person deep down.

Anyway, good to be back with you kids, reading and writing and all.