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  • How are things going? Loved the prohibition piece on Carrie Nation and her exploits in Kansas. Half way tempted to make a smashed saloon bar crawl some day, LOL.
    May they all have a good school year,my son started on Wednesday and my daughter will start Monday.
    Sorry I missed your FB messages. While I'm on, the kids are running loose, I'm sure you know how it is. How are things down there?
    At different stages of life I've read different authors or genres of books. Right now after being overwhelmed by major depression since '97 for which I will always be taking meds for, I am barely capable of reading short stories. Alice Munroe has yet to let me down. Virginia Woolf was my favorite and John Prine is one of my top 5 songwriters. I do go on. Later
    Have a good weekend. I'm going to enjoy the leaves and later on, hopefully watch the Huskers beat OU.
    I went to a "Men at the Cross" session in Lincoln friday night. There was a HUGE delegation from Norton, KS. Definitely inspiring.
    Yes, I'm still around. The little ones are keeping me busy and I just wrapped up summer school. How are you guys doing? :)
    The older one is 18 but is no hassle most of the time,the little one has a few years to go,lol
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