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Hi from Wales


New Member
Greetings from the Rhymney Valley Delta (once the oldest river in the World) I have not got around to finding an avatar/signature yet, I guess you will find me down in the Hard Boiled Crime mostly, who knows! :cool:
Hi and Welcome Driftwood (love the name) :)

Hope you enjoy your stay.

Sorry, have not read any Ken Bruen, but I am a great fan of
'Hard-Boiled' Detectives, so... if he's good tell us about him
. :p
Thanks for the welcome Nighthawk! my name was going to be Otis B Driftwood but I found out it's the name of a horse, and probably a Blues singer, (my other two favourite things) :cool:
"once the oldest river in the World"

What happened? Is the river born-again....hahahahahaha...

sorry....I think I caught something from jennashleagorhspamzilla......
Good point there Motokid, are rivers reincarnated? they must be! they flow down to the sea then evaporate up into the sky and fall as rain and away to go again.