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Hi, I'm Francis


New Member
I'm Francis, I like Hemmingway. Of Mice and Men is possibly my favorite book, but I'm looking for something fantastical. This summer I read some short story collections, I liked "A very old man with enormous wings" and also some memoirs but I'm looking for something my imaginary younger brother would like. I hit my head really hard when I was a kid and I thought I was fine, but around my twentieth birthday I woke up thinking about that day and it became clear that I was a regressed alternate personality. His name is Harvey, that's what the R stands for. I'm looking for something a thirteen-year-old would like I think we'll do better going back to school if he develops his study skills. I flunked out for at least three reasons turning into a ten-year-old didn't help... But yeah he's thinking a lot more clearly now and I guess we should start with something fun. Thanks!

Harvey and Francis