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Hopefully right section for this.. Question for both Readers and Authors


I need some feedback please from both sides. I am filling the role of publicisit/literary agent for an author. It's my task to promote books while he's busy writing new books. I seem to be getting my hand smacked far too often no matter which way I represent things. See questions below.

When you post on forums or social media specifically asking for book recommendations, do you feel spammed if an author or publicist replies with their book as the suggestion?

Would you prefer to be told that the suggestion is being made by the author or representative? Does that affect your opinion negatively if it's stated?

When you are doing online networking, marketing, or promotion, do you feel scorned or admonished by some forums if you mention your book? I swear, I think I have garlic breath in certain forums. lol I am not aggressive with my marketing, I don't spam continuously. I make one post in the appropriate section of the forum I am on at the time and then I simply actively participate in other topic discussions. (see my example on this forum in the shameless self promotion section, lol ) Anyone else feel like they should watch over their shoulder constantly for the next bonk on the noggin for mentioning your book title???

Conscious Bob

Well-Known Member
If I asked for a recommendation on a book forum and someone treated my request as an opportunity to plug whatever they were selling, I would consider that spam.


Staff member
I agree with Conscious Bob. I also think it's best to be social when on social media, not just hard line selling. You can have a link to the book in your sig line or profile, people will check it out without you pushing all the time. Promote where and when it's appropriate.

As an author, I promote my work but interact socially more and become part of the community. I don't drop in, say "go buy this" and leave.


Many thanks. I think I was just wearing my heart on my sleeve that day because what I said wasn't what I'd call spam. It was on a forum that I've been a member of for years and actively participate. A guy that I interact with often on threads and in pm asked specifically for a sci-fi recommendation so I replied "well duh, look at my sig line lol" and several jumped all over me saying that I should not spam readers. Just hit me hard that day. I have my woman-nuggets in hand and ready to carry on with the jabbering. lol


Administrator and Stuntman
Staff member
If I asked for a recommendation on a book forum and someone treated my request as an opportunity to plug whatever they were selling, I would consider that spam.


Although, I would be pretty impressed if an author popped out of the woodwork to plug a book that I would be interested in reading.


New Member
I would prefer if an author is going to make a suggestion, that recommend what THEY read. I want know what you are reading, not what you are writing. I agree with Bob, I would treat it as spam.