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How important is indexing of the book? What should I do about this...


New Member
hi, can someone please help with these simple questions....

1. Is it essential to have the most amount of index for a 80 page self-improvement ebook or how many pages do you think I should have it for a 80 page ebook?

2. Can someone tell me from their experience (as a reader if you have ever done this plenty of times or writer), do people really go back to index and check to see what is inside the ebook?

3. Did you ever first look at the index of the book and then decide to read the whole book or not? Or just turn to pages where the index is pointing to where the topic is?

many thanks in advance.
Are you talking about an index or a table of contents?

Most people start with the table of contents when picking up a reference book. A good table of contents will cover only major subjects in your book. You'll have about 10 or 15 seconds to catch a potential reader's attention. If the person has already bought your book then it should give quick access to the major topics.

An index at the back of a book is where someone who wants more detail will go. As a result, it should contain all major and minor subjects contained in your book.