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How many books do you own?


Having retired and started life over in a new location, I haven't built up much of a collection yet 30-40 books, but I buy a paperback every couple of weeks, and order about $30 or so from Abe Books every month or two. I have several bookcases to fill, and when these are full, I'll probably get more bookcases. LOL


New Member
My personal library is around 60-70 but in my parent's house there are maybe around 500. That difference shows the distance between generations which sound bad for me and for the people at my age.


New Member
I couldn't help laughing at 'truly violet's' reply as I can SO empathize. I have had years to gather these friends about me too, and for a long time it was just as she described, then I built a house with a huge library, with all the aisles and alcoves etc to store them. Over eleven thousand.
When we left that house I just had to be ruthless and hold each one and think, "As much as I loved you, will I ever read you again?" I could excuse keeping many of the youth titles as I have children and grand children, but others ... truthfully, I had changed. As an adult they didn't pass the test of time.
Many I had purchased secondhand as a student with my lunch money. I had grown up with them and carried them all over the world with me. I now have less than four thousand, but my ebooks are increasing, and I don't need to buy them shelves or pay for storage!


New Member
I just started buying books instead of borrowing them from the library within the last year.. so my collection is still fairly small. I own around 75 books.


New Member
I can't count the number of books I own. These are too many and keep changing. Now I read quite a few Ebooks.