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How to maintain a consistent reading habit?

Lince Mathew

New Member
I struggle with maintaining a consistent reading habit. My main challenges are finding time and staying patient. Even though I have a strong desire to read, I often find myself getting sleepy or distracted by social media scrolling. I understand that reading is crucial for skill development; after all, it's said that Bill Gates reads 60 books a year.
I've experimented with various methods to improve my reading consistency. I've explored different genres of books and tried using different mobile apps to track my reading progress and set challenges. One such app I found helpful is called FeedZap (https://hexmos.com/feedzap). It offers features that allow you to load books and convert them into easily digestible feeds. While FeedZap has been beneficial to some extent, I'm also interested in learning about other strategies for building a consistent reading habit.
Could you please share any methods or tips that have helped you maintain a consistent reading habit?
Hello. I have the same problem. I want to read more but I just don't have the time. What I try to do is set some time in the mornings in
order to do some reading. Sometimes, I'll read at the weekends as well.