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I'm searching for a series but I can't remember the author


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Hi everybody!

This is my first actual post on this forum besides my introduction, so I hope that I'm not doing anything wrong.

I'm looking for a book/series I've read a long time ago, 6 or 7 years ago, the series wasn't complete at that moment so I hope that it is now.

The only problem is, I can't remember a author, the names from the characters or even the titles from the books, I only remember where it's about so... Maybe this description sounds familiar to anyone of you?

It's about, I think, a daughter of a god. A girl, born with a monster only she can see but who will protect her if necessary. She was found by two humans, a woman who raised her and a man who didn't had a heart but he was still alive. That man wasn't aging and you couldn't kill him easy.

There were gods in the story, every god was living in his own element, a god of the earth lived in the north, air in east etc. Those gods were tamed and bound to their element to not be a danger to humanity. Those gods were having humans who served them, bodily fluids from the gods were powerful and could be used to heal the sick, so a human would be selected by a god to serve him/her and to collect his tears/blood etc. Being chosen was a honor to a human but also a big responsibility.

The girl in the story didn't knew that she was related to a god but those gods were interested in her, not knowing why. She had been selected to serve him (in the first book i think) and to collect his blood. I also remember that a god was able (the fire god) to make her monster (the one who was born with her) visible by a touch.

I also remember that the first book(s)? were about the fire god and that he was turning evil slowly, she discovered it and found herself in danger.

Is anybody recognizing this description?

Thanks for reading! ^_^
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That's it!
Thank you for the help :D

Sadly I see that there are still only 2 books, so I wonder if the author will ever make more of those wonderful books.