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Interesting Concept - No Names, No Jackets


Former Moderator

This site has taken finding new books to read to a new level. First chapters are posted by genre, no name, no cover, no identification. You read the excerpt, click for more and if impressed you can then access the information on who, how, what, where.

Good idea or what?
Well it might open up books that you might not normally read.

I think that was thinking behind it. Sometimes we get a bit caught up in reading favourite authors or being prejudiced against others. Certainly one way of experiencing new books with no preconceptions.
I also can't say any of the books on the first page grabbed me either, but still, it is an interesting concept.
I found an interesting chapter (Mystery and Crime # 841) but found nowhere to click to determine the title. That's just cruel!
If you click on 'read more' to get the full chapter, scroll right to the bottom it says:

Find out which book this is and where to get it!

and it opens to where you can buy the book.
I think this is a great idea, especially when combating prejudices. Judging a piece of work on its merits, not reputation. But wouldn't people who like books should be able to tell famous (or infamous) works pretty readily, even if they haven't read them, like even if one hadn't read Wuthering Heights one could immediately tell when a Mr Heathcliff comes around? Unless the books are from completely unknown or obscure...

Gonna give it a spin....
Yes, that's what I found when I tried a few of the chapters. Interesting, but so far not my cup of tea.

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How about we conclude - great idea, poor execution?

I do think, that as a concept, its a great idea, but I think it needs a wider range of books, genres, authors including some best sellers to really work.
I find this to be an interesting idea. It's absolutely worth a closer look. Maybe when I find the time to do so properly. However, I highly doubt this kind of approach will have any significant short-term impact.