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Isaac Bashevis Singer


It's a long time since I've read him, but what a writer. His book of children's stories called The Fools of Chelm was a sweet read for me and the kids. The people have great names like Dopey Leikish and Treitel Fool and they spend lots of time figuring out how to solve their "problems".

His stories for adults are wonderful too. I like the shorter ones best, so the collections are what I can recommend. Try The Spinoza of Market Street. His longer novels are kind of epic - well, covering a couple, two, three generations. I don't remember them as well.:)

Anyhow, he wrote his best work about a Warsaw that once was, through the eyes of a child.


New Member
I own The Collected Stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer. I have read a few stories and I think he was a true master of his craft.


I have one book by this author, "The Magician of Lublin", but as I haven't read it yet, I cannot say much.:(


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Nobel Prize and lots of charm

Is anyone familiar with this writer?

A Novel Prize in literature, no less. I have read several of his books and particularly remember Enemies: A Love Story, which was also made into a movie. The movie had to cut down on the many complications in the book - one man, three women.

Singer is dead now, but in his later years I heard him speak at a West Side synagogue. That man could win it on charm alone.