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Oh sublime Knight of most exalted kind,
Inspiring awe and wonder, beyond attainment of my mind,
Your handsome face does bring to threat,
A rondo or refrain,
You conjure up a magic, my awkward words would stain.

Delicate alabaster, a soul like purest snow,
Where whim or fancy takes you,
I will certainly follow,
And in my clubsy fashion admiration I impart,
Lest the heat of sundered passion rends my tortured heart.

I beg a crumb of fondness,
Cast it down from up above,
In the higher plain you dwell in,
Where I aspire to love.

Oh knight of deep desire,
Saddled 'pon thy stead,
I burn like holy fire,
Please do qualify my need.

And once I lay in meadows, filled with satiated love,
I feel my spirit soaring like the flying of a dove.
So now you know I love you, can you find it once returned?
For I flew to near the sun and my feathers they were burned.