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Looking for a series that I read years ago.


New Member
Looking for a series that I read years ago. I will describe as much about the series as possible from memory as I cannot remember the titles or author. Sorry in advance for my poor grammar.

Key Term:
Watersteel - sword making process of folding the metal to make it stronger.

The daughter of a leader of the most powerful and only warrior force, in several kingdoms, survives the slaughter of said warriors and their families after an invasion by a large army.

Story line as best as i remember:
Daughter survives and goes on the run. recruits help from different people. finds out the secret of watersteel. trains peasants to fight. goes to another kingdom (starts with an H) to get reinforcements. (over about 3 books)

Very foggy details:
Invaders' country name started with an F
The former enemy country which comes to help at the end of the series starts with an H
As far as I can remember there was no magic.
I think there was also a main male character but I cannot remember.

Where/when I read the series:
my middle school library had it in the young teens section but it required parental permission to check it out. this was before 2010 and the book pages were yellowed. (so obviously don't mention books after 2010 as they are too new)


Please help me out to find this series. I cannot remember the titles and it has been bugging me for a few weeks now. (and I have run out of books to read that are original in their story line)
note I read about 70-80 books (with 900+ pages each on average) every week