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Looking for name of western pulp author


New Member
This author I believe was from the 40's and 50's. He was pretty prolific and was controversial at the time for writing pretty violent stories and ones that had unsavory characters as lead people

One was a story about a sheriff in a small town that everyone thought was kind of slow and never seemed to do much. In reality (behind the scenes) he was causing all sorts of murders and fights and shot and killed a pimp and threw him into the river. His personality during these endeavors was very nonchalant and the cover ups came very naturally someone else was always blamed, the snowballing continued and the sheriff was onto the next thing.

Another was about a young guy that traveled to work on a pipeline with another older guy who was sort of the father figure, there was a girl involved who was there alone...at the end they blew up the bad guys with dynamite.

Any help would be appreciated
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I can think of three author who may fit the bill Luke Short, A. B. Guthrie and Jack Schaefer


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Any other ideas? I edited the original post and clarified some of what I remember. I think I may have found this author on the Kindle site, which I no longer have access too.