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  1. A

    Hello. I'm an author of multiple genres.

    Hello, everyone. I am a self-published author. I have eight novels and a collection of short stories. My latest book is "The Voinico's Daughter." It was co-written with my sister and was released next month. It's the first book in a series and is about a young girl who finds out her destiny is...
  2. MK Mancuso

    Intro: Library Mouse here!

    Hey all! Bit about me, I go by my pen name (MK Mancuso) among other readers/authors so please refer to me as: MK :) I went to school for script writing (tv, film, and theater) with a minor in creative writing I work in graphic design for social media for a PR company and book covers for a...
  3. Farrah Young

    Hey Guys

    Hi, I'm Farrah. I'm so glad to have finally found a forum to mix with other writers. Looking to make friends here.
  4. Alex R. London

    Looking for Reviews.

    Dearest Reader, I am a self-published author of Epic Fantasy, and I am trying to find people who are interested in reading my book. This is not a post requesting reviews, nor do I want to push my work on you, but I am curious to see your thoughts on the description for my first novel. It is...
  5. Alex R. London

    The Stranger's Orphan!

    Hello readers, My name is Alex R. London, and I am a fairly new author who is working on expanding his reach. A year ago, I published my first novel on Amazon, and I am still in the process of completing the sequel. The book is an epic fantasy called "The Stranger's Orphan", and I am...
  6. Guy Lozier

    I need advice on my writing...

    In the past I have not asked for help with my writing styles as I liked my writing style and did not desire to hear any disparity of my work. Today I have grown understanding of other's views and so now desire some input as to how well I have done. Here is a small bit from my book 'Menazia...
  7. Khaled Talib

    On writing fiction...

    Some days you get lazy; you want to skip describing the scene. But then you realize you mustn't cheat. You have to show, not tell.
  8. L

    As an eBook Author can I add-post my books to Booker Reader?

    Friends, I am a new Book & Reader member. I am an ebook Author - all of my books are published on the Kindle and Smashword Stores: Kindle Author page: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B06Y3GLT8W Smashword's Author Profile: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/genesysventures I also manage...
  9. Julianne Kelsch

    Hello from Utah

    Hi all! My name is Julie and I'm an avid book lover. I started reading when I was four and never really stopped. My favorite genres are romantic suspense and fantasy, but really I love anything that tugs at my heart strings or makes me think on a deeper level. I'm a firm believer that books are...
  10. Nandita Chy

    The Effort - A father son story By Santonu Kumar Dhar

    I enjoyed reading a father-son story based fiction The Effort - A Novel By Santonu Kumar Dhar. I want to hear from you guys your review about the book. More about the author and his books are available at amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/Santonu-Kumar-Dhar/e/B0048EYMHQ
  11. R

    Looking for name of western pulp author

    This author I believe was from the 40's and 50's. He was pretty prolific and was controversial at the time for writing pretty violent stories and ones that had unsavory characters as lead people One was a story about a sheriff in a small town that everyone thought was kind of slow and never...
  12. O

    Tarro by Doug Black

    Hello everyone, My name is Doug Black and I have written, and published a book called Tarro. It is a short novel about a group of elite soldiers who lose their home planet and search for a new one. The entire time they must rescue people, and fight enemies. I know I'm not the best at describing...
  13. O

    Looking for Opinions

    Hello everyone, I am a published author, and I want to write another book, but I can't decide on what topic to write on. If you would like to help, please click here for a two question survey through google forms. The second question is based on your answer to the first question. Thank you to...