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Looking for Publishers - Epic Fantasy Literature.

Good morning, ladies and gentleman.

I have recently been translating my first book from Spanish to English (related thread here). It is a fantasy story of vengeance, mistery, despotism and religion.

I have been looking around for information on publishers in the USA, UK and Canada. Interestingly, many seem to accept only submissions from literary agents -read, middlemen. I would be delighted to know of your experiences with publishers in these countries, particullary those involved in epic fantasy and those that also publish in Spanish. Accepting agentless and electronic manuscripts is always a plus. I generally meassure the power and inclinations of a publisher house taking note of their presence in brick 'n' mortar stores, but this is hardly a possibility for me...


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Why doesn't your publisher in Spain put you in touch with some other publishers? Isn't that part of their remit?
Glad you asked.

A Spanish publisher that puts you in contact with a foreigner publisher gets a wild royalty in the process. Having your revenue reduced to less than 3% is no fun.

That said, in fact, I am my own publisher. Local publishing has been more or less stalled since 2009 or so with the local crisis, and nobody will bet on a book unless it is a safe value -and with a reason: there are nearly zero actual buyers of my genre here. Last time I went to a convention, nobody sold books enough or got advertisement enough to compensate the expenses of the trip. So there you have it.


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Aah then there is always the option of continuing the tradition and continuing to self publish :)

Toni Ressaire

New Member
Send me your manuscript, if you like, and I'll take a look at it. I'm a small publisher in the U.S. interested in U.S. rights for previously published authors. (email removed for your security please send a pm instead)
Toni Ressaire
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Amazon has some nice self publishing options. Just another option. The P & E site is very good. Also great for vetting agents.
Thanks for your replies.

@readsalot: I know of Amazon, as my two first books are already selling there (in the original language). It is serviceable enough.

@Toni Ressaire: The manuscript is still pending some polishing and formatting. It should be noted that the original version was published using my own money and contacts, and it was not marketed by a big publisher house.

In its current shape, the English version is 40,000 words long (original is 50,000). Cover art is available under certain conditions. The Spanish version of the novel was released under Creative Commons when the publishing expenses of the first edition were covered, and it is available for checking in my webpage.


The book still generates revenue via donations from Spanish speakers despite of being free.

If you are still interested, I will add you to my list and send you something, just when it is properly formatted. It should not take too long to have it done. Additional references about your publishing firm would be welcome... Just in case you need them, my contact data is available in my webpage and in my forum signature (the latter is mainly of use for crypto-nerds).

It is usually a bad idea to publish one's email address on the web, by the way. Spambots will attack your account and burn it down to ashes...