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Love Letters from the Black Sea

Did you ever want to swim with the fish?

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Love Letters from the Black Sea

by Liana Margiva​

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Book Overview

Did you ever want to swim with the fish? Of course, you haven’t, because you’re free. Your life is so much different from mine. You see a sea of water, an ocean of freedom, a boundless expanse. You have no concept of life in a cage, where one can’t see all this. But when you crave freedom, you dream, of submerging into the sea and swimming with the multicolored fish. The waves carry you, washing away the pain, and you are in no danger of drowning because of the great levity in your body, The pain in your soul drags you down, but the waves take that pain away. Do you realize how easy it is to drown when soul pain drags down your body? You have come into my life and washed away the soul pain without me submerging into the sea. If you could only grasp the edges of my soul, fearful that the waves of the Black Sea will carry you to distant lands without me! How could I live without you when I see your face all the time, and my heart is brimming with you?! Do you believe in love at first sight? I am living proof that it exists. Have you ever wanted to kiss me? Sometimes when I’m sitting with my friends, drinking wine, and getting lightheaded, my heart would suddenly open like a flower bud, and my lips would ache for the touch of your lips to spark the flame of love. That flame was blazing in my heart, but there were no lips to sear me with love. My lips were waiting for you so long, till the long road led you to me. Kiss me now, and fill my soul with the vitalizing touch of your lips, the scorching breath of your heart yearning to possess me!

About the Author

Liana Margiva

Liana Margiva, from Russia, graduated from the Russian Institute of Writers in Moscow. Published five books of short stories and poems and translated Poor Folk by F. Dostoevsky, A. Kuprin, Henry Barbusse, and Prosper Merime.


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