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Malcolm Gladwell


Well-Known Member
I have only read the two books you mentioned in the op but I really like him too. He is interesting and amusing, just what I like in a non-fiction writer :)


Staff member
I'm a HUGE fan of Malcolm Gladwell! He's definitely my favorite author right now.

I first got introduced to his works in 2007 when I was commuting to / from my job and had a 1.5 hour drive each way. A friend suggested I listen to his books on tape (well, technically mp3) and I've been hooked ever since.

He's an amazing storyteller and hearing him read his own books is awesome! It's interesting how much of what he's written has impacted various aspects of my life.

I've seen a handful of his interviews, including 60 Minutes, and he genuinely seems like a really nice guy... brilliant and nice.


New Member
I read Outliers and was very impressed with it, read it in two sittings as a matter of fact. Within the last month, I also devoured his older work, Tipping point. I have yet to read his other works, but I will definitely keep an eye out. For those who are interested:

TNR rips Tipping point

Gladwell on spaghetti sauce

Another TED talk
Malcom Gladwell one of my favourite authors. Also into Tony Robbins and Vicki Theobald and Marcus Buckingham.