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Management Changes


Active Member
Over the last few weeks there have been several changes to the way TBF is run and operated. I wanted to post this announcement to keep eveyone updated with what's happening.

Moderators and Senior Moderators
It's a difficult job for myself and the moderators to keep an eye on all the forums and to read every post. This has prompted a change to the moderator structure.

The current moderators will become "senior moderators", and will have moderator powers across all forums.

A new group of "moderators" have been appointed, but unlike Senior Moderators, they will only moderate one or two specific forums. They won't have to worry about the other forums. If a forum doesn't have a specific moderator, then it will be moderated by myself and the senior moderators.

Site Ownership and Administration
A few of the eagle-eyed will have noticed that my usertitle has changed from "owner" to "administrator". That's because I don't own The Book Forum anymore!
Ownership has been transferred to The Book Network Ltd, a newly formed UK company which will have financial and legal responsibilty for The Book Forum. I am now the administrator here, rather than the sole owner of the site.
There won't be any major changes due to this change of ownership as I am heavily involved in The Book Network Ltd, but it will mean that TBF's future is potentially more stable from a financial viewpoint. There are a lot of tax and legal advantages in the UK to transferring the ownership of this site to a company.

The Book Network Ltd will publish this site (as well as the spin-off site The Book Directory), and it will also provide internet services aimed specifically at authors and publishers who are wanting to establish their online presence. More details are on The Book Network's website.