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Michael Wolff: Fire and Fury -- Inside the Trump White House


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Yesterday I started a reread of "Fire and Fury -- Inside the Trump White House " and, as in the way of many a book, the reread reveals so much more than the original read. Mind boggling, in fact, for this one.

The first time around there was the dazzling name-dropping, the insider gossip, and what is boring background for someone not that interested in the inside game of politics.

But, now, the second time through, WOW!

This time, in the light of one meeting in Helsinki and a planned second summit meeting between the Leaders at the White House, the author's straight-forward narrative of the long-term friendly relationship between Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch includes its own bomb shell. To wit:

"I'll call him, [Rupert Murdoch]" said Ailes. "But Trump would jump through hoops for Rupert. Like for Putin. Sucks up and s - - ts down."
(p. 8)
Like for Putin? Say what?!

Like for Putin?!

That is still a mystery to this current day! Why the interest of Trump in Putin?

Someone apparently knows the answer! And has known all along!

Someone knows the answer, even though all media still seem to be wandering in a fog on the question.

Rereads are wonderful things, and this book has every promise of being worth the effort.

crp 7-23-2018