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*misery loves company* "the girl on the train"

Discussion in 'General Book Discussion' started by jennybug87, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. jennybug87

    jennybug87 Member

    Oct 8, 2014
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    Peculiar children
    I chose 5 stars because i felt the pain, animosity and dejection in all three women. In the past two weeks I've been dealing and trying to cope with a break up due to my own accord, come to find out that he was fine with my decision and wants nothing to do with me. Which caused a whole new tide of unwanted emotions to arise. Leaving me very much confused and devastated. While reading between these three correlating stories, I felt that I knew what they were going through, not only with my experience with this current break up, but my prior relationships that have gone wrong. It hit to close to home emotionally that I felt it deserved my time, comment and a 5.

    Now base the book completely on material and not an emotional stand point, I'd give it a 4. I still enjoyed the book immensely, but going back and forth, time lines between each transaction was a little hard for me. Not because I couldn't keep up, but because there wasn't enough character development between each other. I would of liked to know more about Scott and Tom. More about all three woman. Mostly Anna. I felt we got into it pretty deep with Megan and Rachel, lack of characters was a tiny bust in my shoes, but hey! How many books have i taken to the bank.. A side from that, I loved the book. Well done.

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