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Near Death Experience From NDE novels


New Member
Most people don’t like to think about death but everyone at some point considers the possibility that perhaps life continues on in some way after our body is no more. This is the REALLY BIG question in science today…What is consciousness? Does it exist outside the body? Is it eternal?
life after death.jpg

Now it seems to me that there are really only three possibilities.
  1. (a) One or more of the religions have got it right.
  2. (b) The spiritualist idea that life is just one step in an infinite learning experience is correct. In this view we are all little sparks of God on a quest to eventually find our way home. This includes all life forms not just human life.
  3. (c) Nothing at all exists beyond the body. When the body dies it’s the end of that person or animal.
Modern technology saved many humans after being close to death and being saved at the last minute. Approximately one-third of all these individuals report the near-death experience, which is sometimes referred to as an NDE Novel. Therefore, if you are curious to learn more about NDE novels, read on!