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Need some suggestions


New Member
Ok so I really like high fantasy books like the Wheel of Time series, the Night Angel Trilogy and books by David Eddings. Those are the style of books i like to read.

What I am looking for is a author that writes high fantasy like these other authors but is not afraid to be graphically descriptive. I want to read a book where the author describes situations like combat, death, sexual situations all with graphic detail. I mean when the bad guy in a book orders the whole village killed you think "bummer that sucks" and you don't really think about the women and children being killed. You just think :the whole village was killed". I want an author that describes these things.

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!
Your friend is probably thinking of The Black Jewels trilogy, which is more graphic than her other books. I don't think she'd really fit in with what you're looking for. She's maybe graphic-lite. She mentions things that are more brutal than what you might find from other authors (torture, murder, child abuse, rape, incest, slaughtering villages), but she doesn't go into terribly much detail. As brutal as some things she mentions are, she also goes to the other end of the spectrum and writes some very fluffy scenes.

I like her books. They're as much romance as they are fantasy. They're also not high fantasy.
Try The Steel Remains by Richard K. Morgan. I've heard it's very explicit in terms of violence and sexuality. There is also, of course, Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth saga.
There were a few books I didn't like either. I think Goodkind got too invested in his personal philosophy and it really came at the expense of things like plotting and characterization. The first four installments, though, are excellent, and I think he managed to get it together for the final volumes.
Thumbs down for the Sword of Truth. I liked the first few books of it, but then they were just a subterfuge to get me sucked in so I had to read the rest of that completely ripped-off (from Robert Jordan) and completely awful series. Besides, it's really not that graphic.

If graphic is important to you, I've heard George R.R. Martin is VERY graphic. Try that. I couldn't get into the first book of his series.

The Symphony of Ages has some fairly graphic sexual scenes, but I don't remember much about the violence.