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  • OMG! Thank you soooooooo much for that link! I LOVE Ira Levin... I've read all of his books (not counting his screenplays)... and this was perfect.
    How've you been?!
    Glad you liked it! You should check out the director's commentary, it's got some hilarious parts.
    re: Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue
    Thanks for this! That's something I'd definitely want to watch.
    re: Daughters of Darkness
    I want to watch it too!
    Black Candles looked bad because the hulu version and the dvd version were both sourced from a vhs, apparently a film version couldn't or hasn't been found to make a good transfer from. Vampyres is sourced from a film print so it looks a lot better. I've got the bluray of it and love it.
    Daughters of Darkness is my fave vampire flick of all time. Amazing atmosphere and cinematography and Delphine Seyrig is amazing as the countess. It's not as graphic as Vampyres is, but it's my fave. Those 2 and Near Dark are my fave vamp movies.
    In one of my medieval lit classes, we read Töres dotter i Wänge, a medieval ballad. I told my professor that it reminded me of Last House on the Left. She said that Last House was based on Virgin Spring, which is based on that ballad.

    We watched Virgin Spring in class. She warned us that it would be intense and possibly make some of us uncomfortable and so we didn't have to stay.

    I absolutely loved it. And yeah, I was surprised by how graphic it was (not by today's standards of course, but I was definitely surprised).

    (Did I already tell you this story? If so, sorry for the repeat!)
    re: Spidey 3
    :blush: Oops! | Yeah, I'm not really a Spider-Man fan to begin with either. I didn't care for the first or second one, I was surprised they even made a third.
    re: Tobias
    :lol: Awwwwesome! Love it. Thanks!
    Helena was playing her mom.No,and I do love Helen Mirren.I will try to find it.Elizabeth the I with Cate Blanchett is excelent also.
    Did you know that King George vi was our recent Queen Elizabeths II father? It was awesome making the connection,among the King who abdicated to marry a divorcee.
    re: Dark Knight Rises...
    Wow. You know, I didn't really care for Gordon-Levitt all that much, but I'd like to see him in this. I know what you mean about it getting overcrowded. Remember Spider-man 3? It was going to be shitty anyway, and they over killed it with too many characters.
    You know, I've been buying most of my books from Amazon. It's better than what I get with my employee discount.
    The kids are actually pretty cute. This past week, I took over all the math lessons (so 5 lessons, 5 days). They're a little rowdy, but only what you'd expect from 6, 7, 8-year-olds.
    Aw. I'm sorry to hear that. But damn, that's a pretty good discount. And I know what you mean, I can't get myself to buy books if they're not discounted. It's a pretty nice perk.
    I do, it's influenced heavily by Lovecraft, especially The Dunwich Horror. One of his longer works too, over 500 pages.
    Are you staying at Borders? Things have slowed down a lot too at BN. Now, we've been cleanin' up the store, making sure everything's exactly where it belongs, etc.
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