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New Adventure Thriller!

brian january

New Member
I'd like to announce the release of my latest Kindle adventure thriller Sapphire (bundled with Platinum), starring OSR officers Park Skarda and April Force!

Here is the book description:

Park Skarda and April Force are back in their next thrilling adventures!


When OSR sends Skarda and April to Sri Lanka to hunt for a missing geologist who has unearthed a deposit of rare sapphires, they discover chilling news: a ruthless international arms merchant needs these gemstones to manufacture handheld laser weapons, capable of fearsome destruction, which he plans to sell to America’s enemies.

Now, plunged into desperate battle with the arms dealer and Perera, his sadistic lieutenant, Skarda and April must stop at nothing to keep the sapphires from falling into their adversaries’ hands. From Paris to the Amalfi Coast to the Sri Lankan rainforest, they embark on a lethal race against danger, double-dealing, and devastating consequences if they fail.

Sapphire is a thriller novella of approximately 20,000 words or 80 printed pages. It is bundled with Platinum, a novella of approximately 35,000 words.


—15,000 years ago, in the remote Koryak mountains of northeastern Russia, a meteorite crashed to Earth, bearing with it an unknown type of crystal with a strange atomic structure, called a quasicrystal.

—In 1933, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt confiscated gold coins and bullion from the American people, melting the precious metal into bars and securing them in the newly-built Gold Depository at Fort Knox, Kentucky. But decades later, an ambitious congressman is making public allegations that the gold is missing.

—In the 1960’s, the Soviet Union embarked on secret experiments with the ultra-rare isotope platinum-205 to develop cloaking technology that will make human beings invisible.

Now, deep in the Siberian wilderness, OSR officers Park Skarda and April Force witness the impossible: three Spetsnaz soldiers materializing out of thin air.

But someone else knows about the invisibility technology, too. A team of mercenaries attacks, led by the vicious Pavel Toll, setting off a globe-spanning chase with implications that could ignite a powder keg for international war.

Framed for murder and outmaneuvered by Toll, Skarda and April must win a deadly race against the clock in a desperate attempt to stop Toll and his mercenary team from carrying out their ingenious scheme.

Platinum is a thriller novella of approximately 35,000 words or 140 printed pages. It is bundled with Sapphire, a novel of approximately 20,000 words.

Here is the link to the book on Amazon:
Amazon.com: Sapphire (Plus Platinum) eBook: Brian January: Kindle Store

Be sure to read the previous Park Skarda-April Force thrillers Emerald, Silver, and Diamond, available as Kindle editions on Amazon!

And many, many sincere thanks to all my fans for making the books a big success! As always, my goal is to entertain!